I’m Mark, a Senior Partner based in London and Milan.

Areas of Expertise

Marco Maulucci is a Senior Partner and Independent Advisor, recognized as an International Commercial Mediator accredited by IMI (International Mediation Institute) and an International Arbitrator. He also holds qualifications as a Solicitor in England and Wales. With a wealth of experience in international markets, corporate finance, and alternative legal systems, Marco excels in employing project-management techniques to support senior management in strategic definition, cost-benefit optimization, and aligning ownership, governance, and corporate strategy dynamics.

Specializing in company internationalization, Marco maintains a profound understanding of European economic, political, and social contexts, emphasizing geopolitical dynamics and market implications. Supported by a proficient team and professional network across legal, financial, tax, and customs sectors, he cultivates strategic partnerships with institutional bodies.

Marco's extensive background as a civil and commercial mediator, arbitrator, and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) jurist enhances his negotiation prowess in complex contexts. His consultancy services encompass pivotal areas such as start-ups, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, trusts, ADR, litigation, and lobbying.

With over 25 years of operational expertise spanning manufacturing, design, boating, publishing, IT, real estate, and advanced tertiary sectors, Marco provides specialized insights into market analysis, organizational design, governance models, and investor management. His ongoing exploration of the aerospace sector underscores his commitment to pioneering consultancy in emerging markets.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Marco Maulucci enjoys pursuits such as rugby, mountain biking, high-altitude hiking, tennis, and yachting, reflecting his comprehensive approach and character. As a Senior Partner and distinguished Regulated Solicitor in England and Wales, Marco Maulucci is esteemed for his passion, expertise, and dedication to delivering exemplary guidance and support as an Independent Advisor.



Solicitors Regulation Authority

SRA-Regulated lawyer 7161332

International Commercial Mediator accredited by IMI (International Mediation Institute)