Our Fees

Fees for acting as a Commercial Mediator

  • My fee as a mediator is £3,950 plus VAT (combined fee for both parties) where the claim value is between £250k and £1m;
  • The fee includes a full day (8 hours) of Mediation;
  • The fee includes all preparation work such as pre-mediation readings, communications, conference calls, and admin;
  • The fee does not include any travel or accommodation costs. This would be charged in addition to the fees if necessary;
  • If Mediation lasts longer than 8 hours, each additional hour is charged at £500 plus VAT;
  • If the claim value is less than £250k or over £1million, please contact me for a quote.

Fees for acting as a Mediation Advocate / Claims Consultant / McKenzie Friend

This is where I represent you in mediation or negotiation proceedings to assist with negotiating an attractive settlement.

  • I charge a fixed daily rate (8 hours) of £1,950 plus VAT, or an hourly rate of £300 plus VAT;
  • Alternative option for you is a reduced daily rate of £1,250 plus VAT plus 20% of the settlement value negotiated;
  • My fee for acting as a McKenzie Friend in court hearings is £300 per hour;
  • Travel and accommodation costs are not included in the above mentioned fees.

Fees for acting as a Dispute Prevention Advisor

This is where I draft legal documents (contracts, agreements, deeds, etc.) for you, or expresss an opinion on legal documents drafted by someone else.

  • A fixed hourly rate of £500 plus VAT is charged for this service.
  • Drafting contracts etc. – drafting a basic contract normally costs £500. More complex documents can be between £1000 and £1500

Legal Fees for Employment Mediation & Law

Our fee at £500.00 plus VAT per half day. This fee is typically paid in full by the employer. A typical workplace mediation involving two people will require 3 half day sessions under our 3d mediation model.

When it comes to employment tribunal cases, legal costs can also vary significantly. These costs are influenced by the complexity and length of the case, the level of legal expertise required, and whether the case is settled before reaching the tribunal.

For a fee of £350 plus VAT we can provide an initial face to face meeting to discuss your concerns and identify the steps you can take to resolve these.

Simple cases, such as unlawful wage deduction claims, can cost between £5,000 and £10,000. More complex cases, such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims, can range from £10,000 to £30,000. In some instances, particularly complex cases can even exceed these figures.

Unpaid wages/breach of contract- Average £2,000plus VAT and disbursements.

Unfair dismissal claim- Average £4,000plus VAT and disbursements

Discrimination claim- Between £6,000 - £8,000 plus VAT and disbursements

The stated prices cover representation throughout all stages of proceedings until a conclusive hearing. Tasks encompass drafting initial pleadings, attending a preliminary hearing for case management discussions, managing case orders, such as preparing a loss schedule, handling document disclosure and bundle preparation, as well as crafting witness statements. We will also engage a barrister for final preparations prior to the conclusive hearing.

Additional expenses, including barrister attendance fees during the hearing, may vary from £400 to £2,500 plus VAT, depending on the hearing duration and the barrister's expertise. Clients will receive timely notifications regarding barrister costs.

Wills Drafting Fixed price

We send out a link to our Wills instruction form for you to complete as far as possible and return in advance so that it ensures we can get your Will done in one visit.

If you are not on email then we can send a Will pre-appointment questionnaire in the post so that we can get the Will done for you in one visit if you return the questionnaire beforehand.

If you want to attend to provide instructions and we then draft the Will and go through it with you before signing all in one attendance (and you don’t want to pre-complete a questionnaire either through our online system or by bringing in a pre-appointment questionnaire we send to you in the post).

  • £400 Single Will 
  • £600 Mirror Wills (plus VAT and ID check)